Auto Title Loans Orlando: A Unique Borrowing Solution

Car title loans Orlando Florida are loans that you secure with the title to a car you own. Your car title is very valuable collateral. It can feel a little scary to put something worth so much money on the line in order to get a loan, but it's actually a very smart move for two important reasons.


It gives us the leverage to trust you without running your credit.
That's right: Duck Harbor Title Solutions doesn't run credit checks on our customers. Having your title is all the assurance we need that you'll make your payments. And in the very rare event that we loan thousands of dollars to a customer who has no intention of paying us back, we simply take possession of his or her car and sell it to recover our money. It's a win/win for both of us!


It allows us to loan you a substantial amount of money.
We determine your loan amount by how much your car is worth on today's market. A first-time personal loan might only get you a couple of hundred dollars. But your car is worth thousands of dollars; in some cases, tens of thousands!

Because Duck Harbor Title Solutions skips the credit approval process, our auto title loans Orlando are perfect for people whose credit has been damaged by events like:







How Car Title Loans in Florida Work

Here's how auto title loans Orlando work: you own a vehicle. We inspect your vehicle and offer you a loan based on what your vehicle is worth. To secure your loan, you give us the vehicle's title. We'll file for a temporary lien on it and then store the title in a secure place.

The lien we file for gives us the legal right to take over ownership of your vehicle and sell it in the unlikely event that you default on your loan. We almost never take this step. For one thing, our customers usually make their payments. For another, if they ever run into a problem with making a payment, they call us and we work together to find a solution. We're really not interested in taking your car. Sometimes we're forced to but we try to avoid it. We'd much rather have a happy, satisfied customer who comes to us with all his or her borrowing needs than a vehicle we have to fix, clean and take to auctions.

We'll hold your title while you make the payments. We'll withdraw the lien and return your title when you've paid it off.

That's all it takes! No credit check, no hassle, no fine print!

Our Requirements

Duck Harbor Title Solutions has four requirements for our loan applicants. If you pass each of these, we can get you in a loan today!

You must be 18 or older

You must be a legal resident of the U.S

You must own your vehicle

You must have enough income to make your loan payments

We accept income from many, many sources, not just employment. Here are a few of the income sources we accept:

  • • alimony
  • • disability
  • • rental income
  • • inheritance
  • • child support
  • • unemployment
  • • worker's compensation

Car Title Loan Laws in Florida

In Florida, we can write loans on more than just cars. We're allowed to write loans on trucks, vans, recreational vehicles (RVs), motorcycles and boats!

Florida has stringent laws that each lender has its interest fees displayed in an easy-to-see place. At Duck Harbor Title Solutions, you'll see our interest fees on the wall in our office.

And in the unlikely event that we do have to sell your car, we'll only keep the portion of the money that covers our expenses associated with your loan. Any excess money will be paid back to you.


Apply Today!

You can stop by any one of our locations in the Orlando area to fill out an application. We will need five documents from you. Bring them with you on the first visit to expedite your application.

Your driver's license

Proof of income (bank statements or pay stubs)

Proof of address (mail or copy of lease/mortgage)

The original car title

Proof of registration

We can complete your application and hand you your check in under an hour. If you'd like to see what you qualify for without filling out the full application, just fill out our loan quote form to the right of this page. All we need is some information about your vehicle and we can send you an instant, accurate and FREE loan quote!

Did you even think it was possible to borrow so much money with so little hassle, especially when you have damaged credit?

It's the kind of dream that we at Duck Harbor Title Solutions like to make come true! We take pride in giving people second chances. See how much you can borrow right now and let us make your dreams come true, too!